Facial Piercings

-Eyebrow w/S.S. barbell $50&up
-Nose W/Ti flatback gem $55&up
-Nose with H.P. Ring $50&up
-Nose with 14K Diamond $85 & up
-Septum w/S.S Retainer $50&up
-Septum w/Ti. Retainer $50
-Bridge with barbell  $50
-Cheek with barbell  $60 each.
-Cheek with Barbell gem $85 ea.
-Monroe w/TI. ball $50
-Monroe w/Ti. gem $55&Up
-Tongue with H.P./Ti barbell $50
-Web of tongue $60&Up
-Smiley $50&Up
-Lip with Ti. ball $50
-Lip with Ti gem $55
-Vertical lip with S.S. barbell $50
-Vertical lip with Ti. Barbell $60&Up
-Labret with Ti. ball $50
-Labret w/Ti. gem  $55
-Labret w/Ti. spike $50
-Medusa $50&up
-Ashley (lower lip) $50&up

Ear Piercings

-Cartilage w/S.S ring $50&up
-Cartilage w/Ti. flatback Gem $55up
-Cartilage w/Ti. straight barbell $50
-Industrial w/ Ti. Barbell $65&up
-Rook w/S.S ring $50
-Rook w/Ti. barbell $60&up
-Conch w/S.S barbell $50
-Conch w/Ti. flatback gem $55&up
-Tragus w/Ti flatback ball $50
-Tragus w/Ti flatback gem $55&Up
-Helix w/Ti. flatback gem $55
-Triple Forward Helix w/Ti. flatback balls $120
-Triple Forward Helix w/Ti. flatback Swarv. gems $136
-Daith w/Ti ring $50, Ti. heart $50
-Snug w/ Straight Barbell 50&up
-Ear lobes with Rings:
  14g $40, 12g $50, 10g $60,
  8g and 6g $80
-Ear lobes with Plugs:
10g $60, 8g and 6g $80
-Ear lobes with Studs $20&up
-Ear lobes with Gems $35&up

Below the Neckline

-Nipples w/S.S.rings $100, $50 each (18 years+ only)
-Nipples w/Ti. Rings w/ gems $90, $45 each (18 years+ only)
-Nipples w/Ti. barbell $100, $50 ea. (18years+ only)
-Nipples w/Ti. barbell w/gem $220&up, $110&up ea. (18years+ only)
-Navel w/Ti. barbell $50
-Navel w/Ti. barbell gem $65
-Navel w/Ti. barbell, swarv. gems $90
-Feminine $50&Up (18+ only)
-Masculine $65&Up (18+ only)
-Gauging $10 each size
-Surface Piercing w/ flat disk $65
-Surface Piercing w/ gem $75&Up

*Ti.- Titanium
*S.S.- Surgical Steel or Stainless Steel
*H.P. - High Polish
*Swarv. - Swarovski Crystal

GIA Certified Diamond Jewelry or loose Diamonds also available. Please call.

All piercings with Titanium jewelry additional $10
14K and 18K Gold and White Gold also available, Please call for prices.

Prices are subject to change based on jewelry specifications.
Thank You

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Price List
Dermal Anchoring Single Point Piercing $65.00 each

We specialize in Dermal anchor piercings. With our unique technique and extensive training, you can rest assured, knowing your piercing will heal quickly and properly. Correct positioning and placement of the jewelry is one of the many factors that we consider during the client consultation.

Please ask our piercer if you have any additional questions.

With over 20+ years of experience in the industry our product knowledge will exceed your expectations.

We only use implant grade Titanium alloy Ti-6AL-4V-ELI with internal M1.2 threading with a 3 step polishing process.