Jewelry Specifications
We recommend Certified Titanium Implant grade ASTM/ISO F-136 for new piercings. (American Standard Testing Material)/(International Organization for Standardization). ASTM standards are accepted and used internationally in scientific and medical research, development and testing. 
ASTM-Compliant Stainless Steel contains nickel, which is a well documented irritant. One significant benefit of implant-certified materials is that there is a passive layer of chromium oxide that allows virtually no nickel to contact our clients.

Please let us know if you are allergic to stainless steel metal or other materials before any procedures.

Milano Body Piercing has the largest collection of body jewelry in Oregon, giving you a abundance of options when receiving a piercing. We use only the best grade of metal offered in this industry. Our jewelry standards are extremely high polish; we carry numerous types of metal such as implant grade 316LMV surgical stainless steel, Titanium implant grade 6AL 4V ELI, 14K, 18K gold, white gold and platinum. All of our jewelry are ASTM-138 American Standard.

Don't settle for cheap quality jewelry or metal and piercing services; you are puting your health at risk. If you are paying a low price for a piercing, or buying 1 getting 1 free, or getting your piercing done at the fair or Saturday market, which are non sterile environments, chances are the quality of the piercing and jewelry are substandard. We believe in offering quality piercing services and jewelry over quantity. Our piercings are performed in a hospital-like sterile environment with all stainless steel surfaces for effective disinfection with high-level-grade disinfectants registered with EPA and non-toxic biodegradable.

Since we have been in this industry serving you since 1994, we know that high quality, hand polished to a mirror finish, piercing jewelry to remove impurities and burrs in the metal ensure that your piercings heal correctly and quickly. Keep in mind that this jewelry will be worn inside the body in continuous contact with internal tissue. It should be the best of materials, design, and workmanship available.

How can you tell the difference between the best quality jewelry and low grade stainless steel jewelry? Please visit our studio so we can show you.

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