About H2OCEAN Sterile Sea Salt Spray

H2Ocean is the most effective product for cleansing and healing your oral and body piercings. It is the only aftercare product that is natural to your body. The ingredients are Purified Water, Sea Salt, Lysozyme and Sodium Benzoate which are natural to the body's own metabolism.
  H2Ocean safely removes dried discharge and lymph secretions when accelerates the healing process. It will also help reduce lumps, scar tissue and itching. The active ingredient Lysozyme kills over 650 different types of bacteria, airborne bacteria. The Sea Salt contains over 82 essential trace elements and minerals used for healthy cell regeneration and life.
  The reason why we use H2Ocean:
  -Natural to your body
  -Reduce Lumps
  -Reduce Scar Tissue
  -Reduce Itching
  -Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antifungal
  -Remains sterile from start to finish
  -No Cross Contamination (Bag in the Can)
  -The can allows all - altitude (360-degree) dispensing the product.
  H2Ocean also available for oral rinse and can be purchase at our studio.
For additional information please visit H2Ocean.com

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                                              AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS

NeilMed and Arm&Hammer Simply Saline Wound Wash is recommended for cleaning your piercing 3-4 times a day for 4-6 months or longer, throughly spray both side of your piercing and gently push the jewelry back and forth as you continue to spray both side of the hole to remove residue/build-up. Healing time varies on each individual piercing, please contact our piercer if you have any questions about your piercing and healing time period.

Do not use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, Betadine or Hibiclens.
Use products that will not irritate the piercing and will facilitate fast healing,such as:
       - A mild, fragrance-free liquid soap. Which is preferably anti-microbial or germicidal.
       - Packaged sterile saline solution with no additives, or a non-iodized sea salt mixture:
Dissolve 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt into one cup (8 oz) of warm distilled or bottled water.
A stronger mixture is not better; a saline solution that is too strong can irritate your piercing.

- H2Ocean Sterile Sea Salt with Lysozyme spray.  Gently push or rotate the jewelry back and forth to remove residue/build-up.

Cleaning Instructions

WASH YOUR HANDS before cleaning your piercing! Use the cleaning solutions or H2Ocean sea salt spray for the (entire) healing time. Do this even if the piercing looks or feels healed sooner.
Do not remove the piercing jewelry when the site is crusty, it does more harm to the piercing than good.
Do not play with the new piercing, physical irritation is extremely harmful to the new piercing!
When clothing is in contact with the piercing, make sure it is clean, loose and breathable.

Healing Time Estimations

EARLOBE: Usually heals in 4-8 weeks; use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily.
EAR CARTILAGE, TRAGUS, ANTI-TRAGUS, ROOK, HELIX, DAITH, INDUSTRIAL, CONCH, OUTER CONCH, ORBITAL: Usually heals in 6 months; use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily, as cartilage is  prone to developing cysts. Be sure to use Antibacterial Body Wash Soap on the pierced area in the shower only, throughly rinse off soap and remove residue. Clean ear after using styling products. Cartilage piercings are tender to sleep on, avoid sleeping on your new piercings as irritation will extend the healing time.

NOSTRIL-NOSE, SEPTUM, NOSE BRIDGE: Usually heals in 10-12 weeks; use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily inside and out.

EYEBROW, ANTI-EYEBROW: Usually heals in 8-10 weeks; use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily, avoid using beauty products on the piercing.

TONGUE, TONGUE WEB: Usually heals in 4 weeks; use H2Ocean Mouth Rinse 2-4 times daily or after each meal. You will have swelling for about a week. Rest your tongue. Do not play with it. Eat small frequent meals (popsicles or crushed ice recommended). Advil, Aleve and Motrin will help swelling but may also cause bleeding so don’t over do it. Drinking alcohol in any quantity will significantly increase swelling during the first week or two. Drink plenty of ice water. Gently brush your teeth and tongue to remove build-up. NO SMOKING! No kissing (or any oral contact) until fully healed. Remember to downsize your barbell after 3-4 weeks.

LABRET, LIPS, MONROE, SPIDER BITES, SNAKE BITES, VERTICAL LIP, FRONTAL LIP, MEDUSA, CHEEKS, DAHLIA..All oral piercings usually heal in 8+ weeks. Use H2Ocean spray on the outside and H2Ocean mouth rinse after each meal. Remember intra-oral healing appears white. If a flatback stud was used, expect the disc to embed slightly into the lip over time, but do not allow new skin to form over the disc. If this begins, see your piercer immediately for a jewelry change. Downsize your jewelry after 3-4 weeks or more, please visit for check up.

NAVEL, SURFACE PIERCING: Usually heals in 6-9 months. Use H2Ocean 3 times daily. Expect some redness at the edges for up to 2 months. Use large patch bandage to protect the area from restrictive clothing, excess irritation, and impact during physical activities such as contact sports. Pant or skirt lines should be worn below your navel. Avoid sleeping on your navel.

NIPPLES: Usually heal in 4-6 months. Use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily. No oral contact until fully healed.

FEMININE PIERCING: Usually heals in 4-6 weeks. Use H2Ocean spray 3 times daily, avoid all contact until fully healed. (Please check with piercer for additional information)

MASCULINE PIERCING: Use H2Ocean spray 3-6 times daily. Avoid all contact until fully healed. (Please check with piercer for additional information)

DERMAL ANCHOR SINGLE POINT PIERCING: Usually heals in 6-8 weeks. Use Arm&Hammer Simply Saline Wound Wash or H2Ocean spray 3 times daily. (Please check with piercer for additional information)

Additional Information and advice

Swimming: Chlorine can over dry a new piercing. It is best to avoid soaking in pools, and hot tubs. Stay away from rivers, lakes while healing. In cases of accidental exposure, clean your piercing immediately afterwards.
Keloids/Scars/Cysts: Some piercings are prone to developing keloids or scars and cysts. Regular sea salt soaks encourages drainage.