Here at Milano Body Piercing we follow the guide line of Oregon Health Licensing Department and Association of Professional Piercers.

What to Expect During a Piercing Procedure at Milano Body Piercing

When you come in for a piercing at Milano Piercing, you can expect the best sanitation and piercing  techniques. During a standard piercing procedure, gloves are changed a minimum of five times to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. Depending on client sensitivities, povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine is used to disinfect the skin. These antiseptics are also used in medical surgeries!
Only medical-grade surgical steel manufacturer-sterilized tri-beveled piercing needles are used. We also only use high grade surgical steel or titanium polished to a mirror-finish for initial piercings. These ensure that proper and timely healing occurs. After your sterile piercing jewelry is inserted, you will be given instructions the second time for proper care of the site. These instructions can also be accessed on this website.

Other things that Make Milano Body Piercing Unique
We offer TEMPORARY DERMAL ANCHOR  that can be removed easily, unlike standard dermal anchor. Our temporary dermal anchor are manufactured in California and adhere to the highest standards of quality. These are made of implant-grade titanium.
We also offer SEMI-PERMANENT DERMAL ANCHOR that will last for years to come, our dermal WILL be set FLAT on your skin with absolutely no protruding post which will causes complication in the healing process and rejection.
Depending on the area you choose to have your dermal set, if taking good care of it and follow our aftercare instructions your dermal will look beautiful and will last you anywhere from 5-10 years or longer. One of our employee have 3 dermals on her lower back center position since 2008 and it  look just as good as the day she has it done. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all body piercings and dermal needs.

Our medical-grade surgical steel manufacturer-sterilized tri-beveled piercing needles are individually packaged to ensure that they do not become dulled during shipping and handling. The tip is protected by a surgical tubing, unlike standard needles that are inserted into foam, which can cause dullness and leave particles on the tip of the needle.

We sell H2Ocean Sea Salt Spray solution containing lysozyme, an enzyme that breaks down bacteria cell walls and is naturally present in saliva and tears. H2Ocean is very helpful in preventing infection and speeding up healing. For more information, see the aftercare section.

We stock multiple glove types. For example, we have sterile gloves, latex gloves, and nitrile gloves. This is to ensure that the right glove is used for each client for their particular piercing. Please tell us if you are sensitive to latex.

Our tools are disinfected after each use daily, They are then individually packed in an indicator pouch and sterilized in our autoclave, which is spore tested biweekly. We also have a brand new autoclave kept on site in case spore testing indicates that our main autoclave mal-function. We also use disposable forcept as well.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the store to be used by clients before handling any new jewelry. To ensure public health and safety DO NOT REMOVE YOUR PIERCING JEWELRY IN THE STUDIO, please ask our piercer for assistance if needed. We encourged you to properly wash your hands when entering our piercing room or receiving piercing services.

We thank you for choosing us to provide all your piercings need, if you're decided else where, please do your research throughly, ask questions because you  have a right.

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